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That is so awesome - remember that Ariel's brother won the Amazing Race several years ago.


two weeks ago that guy Zanjaan was hiring people for this project and he wouldn't even tell people a single thing about it.

A couple of years ago they also had that program "Lost" filmed here. I watched the few episodes last summer here in mgl and it was the most ridiculous thing ever.

boxing octopus

This is so awesome! thanks for sharing!


Thanks! Watch the second episode, you *might* make an appearance! (Unless you get edited out lol)

From USA

Congrats you're were seen on TV in the USA and Canada.

You can find in on youtube.com

Asian beaty

Hey I saw you ub 2nd episode ! Nice man! ^_^


The Amazing Race has touched the pie-people in so many profound and moving ways. What a Blessing. Amen!

Radigan Neuhalfen

Cool. I linked to this from my blog. Cheers -Radigan


Zanjan Fromer

What what did you all think about this Episode??

Good to hear that you made it on TV, hopefully will have more projects from Mongolia in the future.

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